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Project objectives

Myocardial deformation imaging using speckle tracking method (STE -  speckle tracking echocardiography) enables the quantification of deformation of the left ventricle. The nonconformity of results obtained using equipment and software from various vendors is hampering introduction of STE into the routine clinical practice. This study is expected to indicate solutions to this problem.

The main objective of this project is to examine the influence of selected parameters of echocardiographic data acquisition (the transmitted frequency, the length of transmitted pulse, the size of the transmitting/receiving aperture or beamforming) and of type of the input data used to the myocardial strain estimation (RF data, baseband, 2D images after the conversion of the scan) on the accuracy of the strain. The examinations will be conducted in physical models of left ventricle using measurement stand enabling model wall deformations similar to those observed in clinical investigations. Results of numerical simulations (FEM – Finite Element Method) will be used as reference data for the evaluation of the accuracy of the estimated deformations. It is expected that the project will provide guidelines concerning selection of parameters of echocardiographic data acquisition. The possibility of standardization of myocardial deformation estimation using speckle tracking method will be addressed as well.

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